Sunday Worship Updates

Sunday Worship Updates
On November 16, Governor Reynolds held a press conference. In this conference, she made us aware of the continued rise in cases and hospitalizations due to Covid-19. Governor Reynolds issued a new proclamation putting into effect some temporary mitigation measures. Some of these measures include mask usage when indoors and also limits on indoor gatherings to no more than 15 people. So as a result of these measures we will be closing the building to all weekday gatherings. This will go into effect beginning today and continuing until December 10. 

We do plan, for now, to continue to provide in-person worship at our regular worship times each Sunday morning. As we evaluated this we came to the conclusion that a part of the church’s responsibility is providing for the spiritual health of the Body while doing what we need to protect the physical health of our community. So if you plan to attend in-person with us this Sunday be reminded of the measures put in place by the governor that we are following. They include wearing a mask while you are in the building, remaining physically distant (six feet) from those who are not a part of your immediate family, 
personally practicing good hygiene, and if you are sick, not feeling well, or are someone whose health is vulnerable we ask that you please stay home and watch online.

It is important to us as leadership to continue to support and honor our governor and to do our part to help be a part of the solution in mitigating against the virus. We also want to look out for others who may be vulnerable to this disease and to continue to support those who work in the healthcare field. Thank you for your efforts as the body at FFC in helping us to accomplish all of this!

In closing, we are thankful for all of you and your continued prayers and support through this most unusual season. We continue to pray for all of you. Stay intimate with Jesus. Stay in His Word.

Be encouraged! God is at work.

Pastor Joel on behalf of the elders
Online options

We understand that for many others you may not be comfortable gathering in large groups yet, or you may be more susceptible to the virus or are currently experiencing any of the virus symptoms. If you are in one of these categories, we encourage you to continue to worship with us at home. We will live stream the 10:30 service. 

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